Classes & Labs

Classes & Labs

At Sanskriti College, we prioritize providing state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Our classes and labs are designed to foster hands-on learning, critical thinking, and practical application of theoretical concepts.

Here's a glimpse into some of the specialized labs we offer:

1. Botany Lab: Our well-equipped Botany Lab provides students with a platform to explore the fascinating world of plants. It is equipped with advanced microscopes, plant specimens, and research tools, enabling students to study plant anatomy, taxonomy, and conduct experiments.

2. Zoology Lab: The Zoology Lab offers a diverse range of specimens, models, and slides to facilitate the study of animal anatomy, physiology, and classification. Students can engage in practical activities such as dissections, observing live organisms, and conducting experiments to deepen their understanding of the animal kingdom.

3. Chemistry Lab: Our Chemistry Lab is equipped with modern apparatus, chemicals, and safety measures. It provides students with hands-on experience in conducting chemical experiments, analyzing compounds, and understanding chemical reactions, thus fostering a strong foundation in the field of chemistry.

4. Physics Lab: The Physics Lab at Sanskriti College is a hub for conducting experiments that demonstrate fundamental principles of physics. With advanced instruments, students can explore concepts like mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics, and modern physics through practical demonstrations and data analysis.

5. Computer Lab: The Computer Lab is equipped with the latest hardware and software resources to support computer programming, data analysis, and practical applications. It enables students to enhance their computational skills, learn programming languages, and explore emerging technologies.

6. BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts) Lab: The BVA Lab is a creative space where students can unleash their artistic talents. It provides access to various artistic mediums, tools, and equipment for activities such as painting, sketching, sculpting, and graphic design, allowing students to express their creativity and hone their artistic skills.

7. Geography Lab: The Geography Lab serves as a platform for students to explore the physical and cultural aspects of the world. It is equipped with maps, globes, GIS tools, and data collection instruments, enabling students to analyze geographical phenomena, conduct fieldwork, and develop spatial analysis skills.

8. Psychology Lab: The Psychology Lab provides students with a hands-on learning environment to understand human behavior and cognitive processes. It is equipped with psychological tests, research tools, and observation facilities, allowing students to conduct experiments, analyze data, and deepen their understanding of psychological principles.

These specialized labs at Sanskriti College ensure that students have practical exposure and hands-on experience in their respective fields, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge and develop essential skills for their academic and professional growth.